Posted in November 2011

Book Review: Mind Over Matter

Author: S. J. Clarke Genre:  Paranormal Romantic Fiction Available on Available for Kindle Rebecca McKenney has spent the last three years grieving the loss of her daughter, Bree, who vanished without a trace.  Now she is shocked by a vision of her daughter looking older and still very much alive.  She turns to the FBI … Continue reading

Book Review: Arrival of the Traveler

Author: A.L. Tyler Genre: YA Fantasy From the Author’s Website: I am a gamer, a dreamer, and a productive procrastinator. I do my own stunts and cover art. Writing is my escape. Available on Available for Kindle The Arrival of the Traveler follows the story of Lena Collins as she is pulled from the life she has … Continue reading

NaNo Adventure: Week 2

After a fast and furious start to my very first National Novel Writing Month, I hit the more challenging week 2 with some extra words in my “coffers.”  That said, my characters started heading in unpredictable directions and I have yet to figure out the real direction of my novel.  I don’t know where my … Continue reading

Book Review: Creatura

Author: Nely Cab Genre: YA Supernatural Fiction From the Author’s Website: Nely Cab lives in south Texas with her husband and son.  Aside from writing, she enjoys drawing and painting.  The tree illustration depicted on the cover of Creatura is a sample of her artwork.  Currently, Nely is working on the second chapter of the … Continue reading